Sunday, 26 September 2010

A temple for all faiths

The story is very inspiring - A temple of all religions at Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Imagine Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and others praying together at one spot! The businessman Laljibhai Satya Sanehi who built the the temple 60 years ago must have been a real visionary. I have heard of temples and masjids coexisting, standing side by side, but a common prayer house seems to be the first.
What amazes me is that it has been standing for the last 60 years, being visited by people of different faiths, but those outside of Ayodhya did not know of its presence.

There should be more such temples, not only in India but all over the world. Common prayer houses which are open to people of all faiths. Each such structure would be one small step towards a world free of religious divides. A more spiritual world. What do you say?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The devious ways of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi

Check out the devious ways of our Most Corrupt Department - the MCD.
The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) admits it has thousands of temporary employees - over 43,415 of them! Why then do we have such filthy streets and overflowing gutters? I have still to see one of these visit my street.
The article by Indian Express gives the answer. Now with the Court looking at its functioning?? (should be non functioning, for it has an army of vampire employees that suck the corporation of its cash), it is coming out with excuses -it now blames its own sanitation department for the mess. Wonder what the authorities were doing earlier?

And the article tells you how the MCD encourages its regular staff to go on leave so that the temporary guys can work for a day or two and then their services will be regularised. Sounds complicated? Sure is. You would need a devious mind to understand the ways of the MCD and the babus and the netas that rule it.

Read the earlier posts on it - to get the full picture.
A must read - the court has had to tell MCD to stop paying the ghost employeees. One would have thought that the department would have done it on its own. But then this Most Corrupt Department, was never known for its work ethics, only for its pits of corruption.

And now for the latest twist to the MCD ghost employee case.
The police says the biometric system that discovered the ghost employees is faulty, according to The Times of India report. This multi-crore system cannot recognise thumb impressions and duplicate impressions. So now this is another issue that has to be probed.

Meanwhile, the The Delhi High Court has ordered that the in-house inquiry report prepared by all additional commissioners of MCD on the ghost employees scam be placed before the police for scrutiny. It asked the police to submit a detailed report by October 27.

I am curious to see how long this case will take, and who will be held guilty. So will be following the proceedings as reported in the Indian press and bringing it to you through this blog.
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