Tuesday, 18 March 2014

India is FINALLY changing

Queen: One of the best Hindi films I have even seen. No melodrama, no dancing around trees, no bizarre clothes, no overdressed painted heroine and best of all a hero who is no hero! The film has never a dull moment, plenty of laughs, touches your heart and makes you feel good. It is the first film of Kangana Ranaut that I have watched. She has put up a great convincing act of a middle class Punjabi girl discovering herself. Lisa Hayden looks stunning and does her role so well. Rajkumar Rao, the anti-hero is superb. I could not believe that I was watching a convincing Hindi film FINALLY!  And that a film like this can draw the crowds! WOW! And how! 

It is still sinking in that India is changing.

And then there is this ad. What a shaadi (marriage)! Bridal jewellery being sold by a woman getting remarried. Hold! The bride has a child. Wait! the bride has a GIRL child. I  loved the ad - courageous, bold and yet, very Indian!

Congratulations to Vikas Bahl for a pathbreaking film and to Gauri Shinde for a great ad!

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