Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bhopal - the Indian system fails again


What is there to say? That the Indian judiciary failed us again. That the Indian government let us  down  once again.
That our political leaders have lost their voice. That corporations can play havoc with our lives, kill us and maim us and we find our hands are tied and our voices muffled.
And what can be said of the Indian  press that is now screaming itself hoarse? Why was it quiet all these years? Why are scandalous facts tumbling out now, years later. Where was the Indian press for 25 long years?
Why wasn't the criminal behaviour of  our leaders exposed earlier?
And what does it say of us as a people?  That while a few of us battled in Bhopal trying our best to focus attention on the plight of fellow humans, the rest of us closed our eyes prefering not to see and did nothing at all for the cause.
We must be ashamed of ourselves!

If you want to know what happened on that fateful night of December 2/3, 1984, click here.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Municipal Corporation seeks consultants to tell how many employees it should have!

To those of you who have been following the progress of the ghost employees case of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on this blog, I have an apology. I am late in posting the developments on the case.

Things have moved somewhat on that front. For one - The Delhi High Court has expressed its annoyance on the way the corporation has been suppressing facts -
"This affidavit conceals everything and reveals nothing. It does not disclose facts," a Division Bench of Acting Chief Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Mukta Gupta remarked.
It is best to read the report which appeared in The Hindustan Times on May 13.

And finally -
MCD now needs consultants to tell how many Class 3 and 4 employees it should have. Its work culture is appalling. Let the news story speak for itself.

Why cannot the MCD bosses work out the number for themselves? Why pay a fat sum to consultants to comeup with a figure. It can be got for free - All it has to do is ask the residents associations. Each association will give a number of the sweepers and gardeners that are required to keep its locality clean . The markets associations would do that for commercial areas and the accompanying parking lots where they exist. An officer of the corporation could do some simple calculation on the length of the arterial roads and bigger parks and roundabouts that do not fall under any residents' locality. Each sweeper should have some set Kms of road/pavement length to clean. And each gardener should have a set garden area. Let the MCD employees report to the Residents/ Market Association. Delhi will be spruced and shining...And we can be truly proud of this city that has otherwise so much to offer.

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