Tuesday, 18 June 2013

When marriage for a girl is more important than education

A news item in the Times of India:

Father kills daughter for refusing to marry

Some portions from the news item -

KANPUR: A man allegedly killed his 15-year-old girl for refusing to marry a boy of his choice at Virma in Uttar Pradesh's KanpurDehat on Tuesday evening. 

Police said the girl had apparently turned down the proposal saying she was young and wanted to study.

The girl was an intermediate student and had been staying with her maternal uncle in Gudha village to complete her studies. She had returned home for summer vacations.

A police officer said ever since she had returned home, Shukla had been pestering her to accept the marriage proposal.

So what does this say about the society -
  • You should not have an opinion of your own girl. You dare not go against parental wishes. Father knows best. 
  • He can even kill you for opposing him. 
  • Marriage is more important than education.
  • What use is education? Your role in society is to cook, look after your husband and his family,  and bear children.
This is the mindset that has to change. Until then....

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