Sunday, 28 June 2015

Now this judge wants to put a rapist in the house of a six year old girl!

The article in today's Indian Express  Madras HC judge gives bail to rape accused to ‘mediate’ with victim  is shocking. A judge of a Madras High Court actually wants a rape victim to marry the rapist and subject her to the torture of living with him for the rest of her life! 
And worse, he knows the woman has a six year old daughter as a consequence of that rape. Does the judge really think that the little girl will be safe with a rapist in her house? Why does he want to put the little girl in danger?
The judge talks of a concept called reconciliation. There are crimes where there cannot be any reconciliation and these are - murder, attempt to murder, sexual assault, rape, and acid attack among them. 
The brave woman in ‘One day, I’ll tell my girl her father was a rapist’ has asked that the judge cancel his order. She is quoted as saying: "Only those who live here and see my plight understand the kind of problems I have undergone… There are several ways to make money. But you can’t buy dignity. Isn’t this order, without seeking my opinion, now asking me to place my self-respect at the mercy of the man who raped me? How can I have a life with him? I can only request the top judge (Chief Justice) to cancel this order.” 
What was galling was a statement made by the judge about the woman: "She is not yet married. She is an unwed mother." So in his eyes placing her and the child with the rapist is a better option! God save the women of this country.  

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Raped, 24 weeks pregnant, abandoned by family, court denies permsission to abort

The Times of India had recently reported --
AHMEDABAD: Apr 7, 2015, 05.45AM IST A 24-year old woman, who is seven months pregnant from rape, has moved Gujarat high court seeking permission to abort her unwanted child.

Law, however, does not allow medical termination of pregnancy of over 20 weeks. Unable to allow the woman to abort her pregnancy, the court on Monday asked the state government how it could help if she delivers the unwanted child. Justice J B Pardiwala said a seven-month fetus has high survival chances and there is no question of taking life by allowing abortion.

The Surat-based woman was abducted from her village in Botad by seven people. Six months into the ordeal, she escaped. Freedom spelt more agony as she was 24 weeks pregnant and her husband and in-laws dumped her citing her pregnancy. Her own family also did not want her to have the child. Botad police too refused to register FIR and insisted on a compromise. 

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