Sunday, 4 May 2014

Living with cancer in India

Number of cancer cases in India predicted to double in next 20 years

India reports about one million new cases of cancer every year. India is on the verge of a cancer epidemic, states a report in The Economic Times: 
I was one among the million cases last year. It was one late August evening in 2013, I learnt that I have cancer.  I had been feeling normal: I went to work, drove the car, carried heavy bags filled with groceries, was regular about my walks, could go through a long action-packed day with energy.. It was pain in the region of my left ovary for about three days that drove me to the gynaecologist, who after an examination sent me for an ultra sound test.

The technician at the ultrasound clinic announced it in a most matter of fact way: "You have a tumour." I was referred to an oncologist. And as I walked into the Cancer Centre, I knew my life had taken a sharp turn. Though I knew next to nothing about cancer, my heart was filled with dread. The word had such a sinister ring to it.

When I met the oncologist, I told him how scared I was walking into the Centre. He smiled and said, "What would you like us to do? Change the name?" I did not have an answer to that then. I do not have one today.

I used to skip articles on cancer, or change the channel when I came across a talk on the subject. I was fit and healthy and never imagined cancer could strike me. But today, I read everything on it that I come across. And in doing so, I realise that though modern medicine has advanced, there are many many areas for which it has no answers yet...I also realise how vulnerable we all are. Cancer can strike anytime...anyone. Even children.

On this page I will post links to articles and sites that I find informative and useful. Though there is a lot being written about the subject abroad, I will restrict myself to the scene in India. If you have landed on this page looking for some information, I hope you will not be disappointed. Do comment and share links to useful sites. 

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