Sunday, 1 February 2009

This bride had guts

This happened in August 2008 in Chennai. It is an interesting story and I liked the woman's guts. The man lacked them completely. Why couldn't he stand up to his parents?
Techie forges HIV+ve report to escape knot
His parents found him a suitable girl, but he was already in love with another. As the wedding date was fixed, he found an unusual way to prevent the marriage by producing a fake medical report which said he was HIV positive. What he didn't expect was that he would end up behind the bars for cheating the girl. Ashok Nagar all women police on Friday arrested Satish, a 28-year-old MBA graduate working in a software company in TIDEL park, and slapped cases under Sections 420 (cheating) and 4 (1) of Prevention of Women Harassment Act. Initial inquiries revealed that right from his college days, Satish has been in love with a girl, who is now working in the US. He kept the affair a secret and agreed to marry the girl form Jafferkhanpet his parents found for him. The couple got engaged and their marriage was fixed for the first week of September. Satish, a resident of Mugalivakkam near Porur, apparently had a change of mind and decided to call off the marriage. He visited the girl's parents last week and broke down, telling them that he was HIV positive. He gave them a lab report 'confirming' his status. Not entirely convinced, the girl's family later called up the lab, which denied having issued such a report to Satish. They said the logo on the report was a fake one. When the girl's parents called up, Satish stuck to his version. Inquiries with friends revealed Satish's affair and the bride filed a complaint of cheating. Satish then offered to go ahead with the marriage, but the bride turned it down and told the police to pursue the case.,_.___

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