Saturday, 23 May 2009

The vile men of religion

God help us from these men of religion.
You find these sorts everywhere.
Two stories below – one from India and the other from Ireland!
Does anyone have any views on why men who claim to show us the path to God, resort to abusing children?

First, the story from India.
A court in Kerala has sentenced self-styled Godman Swami Amrithachaithanya alias Santhosh Madhavan to 16 years rigorous imprisonment for raping two minor girls. He ran an orphanage, giving scholarships to orphan girls. This served as a smokescreen for the child abuse he indulged in.
The second story is about the bishops who regularly abused children in Ireland.
The children were regularly abused in the religious schools in Ireland run by the Roman Catholic Church. A nine-year investigation by Ireland’s Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse recently published its final results. The commission paints a horrible picture of these schools. “Sexual abuse was endemic in boys’ institutions,” states the Executive Summary of the report.

Why do these men of God do such things to children? Any answers?


Prasant Naidu. said...

Straight simple burning issues. U make ur point clear like ur color composer of ur blog. Love ur dream.
Keep Writing and Keep rocking,

Simply Ridiculous said...

Whoever said that they were men of God?? In these times, there is no place for honesty or character even in the house of God!!

sm said...

there are many reasons for this ,
few i will say, sexual frustration ,these abusers are themseleves once victims of abuse so they repeat it .
this chain keeps going on

Shree Venkatram said...

Happy to know that you like my dream. It seems a long way off.
@Simply Ridiculous,
"In these times, there is no place for honesty or character even in the house of God!!" So true.
what is strange that these are men who have chosen the relgious path. That by itself should give them control over their frustrations. Otherwise what use is relgion, if it fails to make us a better person. What makes their conduct deplorable is that they pick children to vent their frustrations on.

Lavanya said...

I definitely dont think these criminals ever did understand the meaning of religion.. If they did such things wouldnt happen to children. I dont really know when these things would stop..

Rigorous imprisonment doesnt make sense to such crimes. there should some kind of punishment which should bring in fear to commit such crimes again..

Shree Venkatram said...

Makes one wonder why they choose the path of religion in the first place, isn't it?
What would be the most suitable punishment for such a crime?

Lavanya said...

Definitely death sentence would be a very less punishment for such crimes. Rigorous imprisonment in india means enjoy the comforts of jail with tax payer's money. A punishment that would make them think about their crime every minute and every second because the agony that child would have gone through would be much much more than the pain the criminal goes through in these punishments..

Religion is the safest haven for such people thats why they choose that path. As long as our people dont stop believing somebody blindly in the name of god, such things wont stop and i wonder when that would ever happen.

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