Friday, 10 July 2009

Another police excess

More on police brutality. This time from the eastern part of the country. A truck driver was shot dead by a policeman because he hit the police car! Cases like these show how those in power deal with common people. The incident shows their utter brutality towards defenceless persons who are not in a position to retaliate.

It is indeed sad that the police meant to protect people do just the opposite and become perpetrators of crime.

Do you think that the punishment for those in uniform, or those who hold posts of power and responsibility, should be stiffer than that slapped on ordinary persons who commit an offence?

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srinath said...

not to forget the dehradun incident. the poor MBA grad shot by the police from close range for no specific reason...

Shree Venkatram said...

Yes, that is another shocking incident. Makes one wonder if our police get any training at all?

srinath said...

i think it goes beyond all that... there must have been some kind of a personal enmity between them...

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