Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bhopal - the Indian system fails again


What is there to say? That the Indian judiciary failed us again. That the Indian government let us  down  once again.
That our political leaders have lost their voice. That corporations can play havoc with our lives, kill us and maim us and we find our hands are tied and our voices muffled.
And what can be said of the Indian  press that is now screaming itself hoarse? Why was it quiet all these years? Why are scandalous facts tumbling out now, years later. Where was the Indian press for 25 long years?
Why wasn't the criminal behaviour of  our leaders exposed earlier?
And what does it say of us as a people?  That while a few of us battled in Bhopal trying our best to focus attention on the plight of fellow humans, the rest of us closed our eyes prefering not to see and did nothing at all for the cause.
We must be ashamed of ourselves!

If you want to know what happened on that fateful night of December 2/3, 1984, click here.


Indian Home Maker said...

Take a look at this post, maybe they have done some good this time...

Shree Venkatram said...

Thank God we have the media. If and when it does its job there are results. My main contention is that the media kept quiet for decades. It was only once a year, on the Bhopal gas tragedy anniversary day that the rest of the country got to know what was happening to the victims. That too, only some papers thought it fit to make space for it. An occasional article about toxic waste at the plant seeping into soil and water would find its way on some inside page of our dailies . And year after year the TV channels kept quiet. The media could have through consistent reporting put pressure on the authorities to act. Clean up the place so that further damage is contained. It is like the state murdering its own people by pure inaction.
Why was not a hue and cry made earlier about Anderson's extradition? The court case and its progress or the lack of it should have hit our front pages and been prime time news every time the hearing took place. Where were our TV channels and the print media when that happened?
If one was to do an analysis on the amount of air time given devoted by our news channels to Rakhi Sawant and the Bhopal gas murders before the verdict, we have the answer.

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