Monday, 22 November 2010

70 dead in building crash, but the building does not exist in MCD's records!

I have done a few posts on the corruption in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. We got to see the biggest consequence of this corruption  on November 15 when an illegally constructed building came crashing down in East Delhi. Seventy persons lost their lives.

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The owner-builder of the building has been arrested. But what about the corrupt MCD officers and political masters who would have taken bribes to look the other way so as to have made the building possible? MCD true to its devious ways, is  now saying it has no records of the building! It is a smart and time-tested way to protect one's men. If files go missing, or no records are kept, how would it be proven that the building  existed in the first place?

Some years ago I did a survey of the builder floors in South Delhi. All of them had covered more than the sanctioned area or had more than the stipulated number of floors. Though almost all these buildings had no completion certificate, there were buyers and the properties were being registered by the government.

There there are plenty of buildings standing all over the city flouting norms. I know of two such buildings in my neighbourhood which the MCD made a great show  of  a cosmetic demolition, for these very obviously were protuding on to the common land. But some months later they were all patched up. Yes, the gaping holes in the buildings outer walls made by MCD's demolition squad, were filled and today life goes on in the buildings.  Who benefited in this drama of build-demolish-build? None other than the MCD officers and the politicians.

Delhi is in a high risk earthquake prone zone, and it is makes it all the more necessary that all buildings adhere to some basic norms. But who cares? We are just lucky that there have not been more such cases of building collapse.

An article in the Outlook about MCD stirring to act and the blame game between the two political parties which have ruled the corporation.

This is yet another case of MCD corruption. It would be proper to say of MCD murder. For many lives were lost and families destroyed because of corruption. Will the guilty officers be punished? Wait and watch.

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Vasanth G.Benjamin said...

Dear Shree, first of all thanks for your wonderful comments earlier. And well answering to yours- There's a saying for accountability my father used to quote : "Because you didn't do what was given to you, somebody out there, works extra, suffers, sweats and bears the brunt of your irresponsibility and to say the truth, you have no rights to do that" - So like the same way, somebody didn't do their jobs properly and see who pays the price ? We live in a world where for many, their lives are the only ones they need to satisfy. Until that thought departs of them, we will always live in a world filled with selfishness and unreliability.

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