Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Loved this ad!

 FOR the SPUNK, the SPIRIT, and the STEEL!
And I like the way Asha Hansda stands. Cheers!
The ad has great copy.
The matter under the first two lines is-

Because, unskilled women employees like Asha Hansda are trained to operate heavy vehicles and machinery under Tata Steel's Tejaswini programme.
Because we believe gender should never be a reason not to be.
Because, for us, it doesn't matter where she comes from, but where she can reach.
Because she is one of our own.
Because we can't fly if she crawls.
Because we started thinking of ways to better her life over a hundred years ago.
Because it's not just a company policy, it's an unwavering belief.
Because, each time she confidently smiles, our belief finds strength.
Because however strong our steel may be, our values remain stronger.

Wish we get to see more meaningful ads like this!
I must however say that I love the sari. But it is a dress that can be highly impractical depending on the task. 

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