Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Rape culture in India and Nigeria

Amaka Okafor-Vanni writes about rape culture in Nigeria in the Guardian.
She makes many important points that resound in India.
I am quoting some in this post  -
Rape is primarily about power and its abuse. Within the Nigerian context, it is the punishment for wishing to be independent, for daring to threaten the status quo, the societal power dynamics. It is not about modesty neither is it about what the victim wore or her behaviour because as we all know, modestly dressed women are raped all the time...
...The modesty culture we preach is a rape culture because of our insistence on female purity and modesty. Why is it the sole responsibility of the female to remain chaste? Why isn't the male tasked with chastity? By focusing on the female, we reduce the woman to mere flesh and place control over the female body and sexuality in male hands. When she is sexually violated who do we infer to as "dishonoured"?
To read the article click here .

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