Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ford: dented and painted!

A sexist ad?
Sure! Repulsive too.
Why do car manufacturers have to use female bodies to sell cars? Are the features of their cars not good enough? When a car company has to use props like these, here a disgraced public figure too, wont you stop to think Why?
We are told that Ford got a big boot - three grown up women together in one!

 Now, who would want a car which gets driven by a criminal and treats its female passengers so badly that it puts them in the boot? Only a senile person.

Ford has apologized. The ad company has fired the creators of this masterpiece. Now this is where I will use a very Indian phrase, espoused by none other than our President's son: "dented and painted" for this car manufacturer and this whole ad episode.    

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