Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Take acid attacks seriously - they are worse than murder

I was very dismayed to read Annu Mukherjee's story in the Hindustan Times today. The young woman had surmounted many hurdles to make a decent life for herself and her brother. The acid attackers not only snatched away her means to a livelihood, disfigured and blinded her, but threw her into facing a lonely tragic life. Her brother, who she was was supporting had to stop his studies.  What was extremely heart wrenching was that the attackers also took away Annu's ability to cry. Her eyes have been so disfigured that tears do not come anymore.

And  what was the punishment the attackers got? Five years in jail and a Rs 1,60,000 fine. Today they are roaming free. An inadequate punishment for disfiguring a woman for life, blinding her, snatching away her identity and only source of income, leaving her to a life of penury and loneliness.

The attackers should have been behind bars for life. For they are extremely dangerous to be let out in society. Now that they have been freed, they should be made to contribute towards her medical and living expenses. Fifty per cent of what Meena Khan and her brother earn should go to Annu till she is in a position to support herself by opening the dance school she wants. What do you say?

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And this news item  -

SC curbs acid sale, orders more money for victims


Sandhya said...

I read all the stories published in that column. The victims are leading a pathetic life while the offenders are let off after being punished nominally. These offenders deserve death penalty. What kind of laws do we have? Victims go through hell, lose everything, offenders are nominally punished, let off knowing well they can cause further harm to anyone and then some of them eventually get married and lead normal lives with families.....I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shree Venkatram said...

Yes, it is extremely tragic. The quantum of harm done to a woman has never been realised by our law makers. Do you think, this is the case because our law makers are men and have never bothered to find out what the woman has to go through?

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