Thursday, 26 December 2013

More on the warped mindsets of judges

On my blog I have dealt with the warped mindsets of judges in India and other countries while dealing with cases of crime against women. However, I was very happy to note a two–member bench of the Delhi High Court actually expunging two remarks by a judge of a fast track court who had made "gender biased" and "insensitive" comments about women. The Delhi High Court stated that such comments should not be made. Referring to the judge's comment that women in the age group of 19-24 years voluntarily elope with their lovers, the bench said the remark is "not based on any empirical data". To read further, log on to the Times of India report. Meanwhile, we have a bizarre judgment. This one comes from the United States of America. A US court actually gave a rapist parental rights over the child born of that rape! With the order, a young girl who was 14 when she was raped and became pregnant, becomes bound to the man she wants nothing to do with. The plaintiff and her mother repeatedly informed state officials that they wanted no contact with the man for any purpose and that they did not want the child born of the crime to have a relationship with him. But their pleas were ignored. Patriarchal mindsets completely negate the feelings of the woman and the crime done to her! To read about the case log on to - . Shannon Argueta from the US discusses rape culture and weird judgments at: This is what she says: "This is an unbelievable example of rape culture in this country. This judge is blaming a child for her own rape. When did it become the victim’s fault? When did the law stop expecting rapists to control themselves? This man raped that child; Sexual intercourse without consent is rape! The judge convicted him of rape and then said that the victim was just as much in control of the situation as the perpetrator? I would laugh at the logic if I weren’t so disgusted. Children CANNOT consent to sex! That is why we have laws that are supposed to protect them and acknowledge that they are not mature enough to make that sort of decision. It doesn’t matter if a 14-year-old looks like she is 34. It doesn’t matter if she is mature for her age; A 14-year-old is still a child." In India judges have actually condoned the rape of babies! Yes, you read it right. Here is the link to some shocking judgments and pronouncements by our judges:

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