Friday, 3 April 2009

What kind of a religion is this?

What kind of a religion is it that allows such merciless flogging of a woman? Can watch it here -
The video of a 17-year-old girl being flogged in the Swat Valley is very shocking. Reminded me of the Muthalik goons in Mangalore. Even they beat up women.

There was national outrage in India. And women came together to demand action against the creeps. Does anyone know what has happened to them? The media these days can only report on the elections. Are Muthalik's men in jail? Or are they out? When will justice be meted out to them?

I was very happy to see condemnation by Pakistanis to the flogging. Here is the link to the way they have reacted - Check out another reaction at
Will the voices become vocal and strong for the government to reverse its pact with the Taliban powers that be? Have my doubts.

I loved the pink chaddi campaign in India. At least here, the women and men could try and shame the goons. It was action by the public, to show Muthalik and his ilk what we thought of them.

Okay, so the Swat society decided the woman had to be punished for something that is a crime in their eyes. A large group of men stood and just watched. Her brother was among those who participated in flogging her. But what about the man she was with? Is it okay for him to step out of the house with a woman not his wife? Will not the same punishment be meted out to him?
Now, how can one even ask a question like this!

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Indian Home Maker said...

All this is so depressing...But YES I also support Pink Chaddi Campaign.
It was one hopeful thing after a lot of unhappiness,I was just watching on the TV that women in Pakistan are strongly opposing the flogging. So there's hope that they will all realise that Taliban can never bring any peace or happiness, like some SWAT residents earlier did...

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