Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Rape victim has to resort to a legal notice to take an exam

What do you say to this - A 12 year old school girl who was raped has to resort to a legal intervention to get her school to allow her to take her exam!
And what is this that we learn - that the school thought that her presence at the school would ruin its reputation! Shades of the Ruchika Girhotra case - where instead of providing support to the victim, it threw her out, after she was molested by a senior police officer. In the present case, the young girl was forced to withdraw from school after her neighbour raped her.
The report fails to mention the action against the alleged rapist. It does not tell us what has happed to the criminal and how society is acting against him. Has he been thrown out of his job if he is working, or college if he is a student? Are his neighbour boycotting him? All we know is that he is 20 years old, an adult who raped a child. Why is it that news reports do not mention the action taken againt the man? Or is he roaming scot free?


Anonymous said...

This is so horrifying. Victim blaming and victim punishing. Our society make such a big deal of a girl's purity that they think other children should not even hear about it...

...and why don't we hear what happens in such cases afterwards? One because cases go on for years and secondly because there rarely is any conviction :(

shail said...

I wonder what 'education' this school imparts, if it forces a 12 year old to withdraw from the school for being raped! Disgusting.

Shree Venkatram said...

I wonder why society never talks of a man's purity? A man who rapes is so sick, that he should be ostracised. He damages the health and well being of girls and women and needs to be sent off to kalapani.
Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I think it is your first visit.
Our schools need to learn before they can teach.

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