Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Society elders decide five shoe smacks enough punishment for a rapist

Why is society so lenient to rapists? A panchayat in a village let off the rapist, who was the 17-year-old victim's uncle, with just five smacks with a shoe.  What kind of a punishment is this for a serious crime? The community we are informed felt that it's honour was at stake. Why does the perceived "community honour" take precedence over the crime and justice to the victim? Wouldn't community honour be redeemed if a suitable punishment was awarded to the criminal?

Check out the story.


Anonymous said...

Shocking but not unexpected. If we were not so lenient with rapists we would see some fear amongst such criminals.

This is another one of the things we do to help such criminals, another common thing we do is accuse the victim of having provoked the (helpless?) criminal.

Glad you blogged about this, such issues should be talked about. I had missed this News.

shail said...

I wonder what honor they are speaking of here??! What honor does a community have that allows an adult member to get away with rape of a minor, his own niece at that?? What honor does a community have that does not stand by the traumatized 'daughter' of that very community?? People have their heads screwed on wrong and filed with rubbish thoughts of honor.
Five smacks of shoes?? If the house of one of these panchayat members was burgled I am sure the thief when caught would have been beaten up and thrown into jail. But they smack the rapist with shoes and set him free. Wah!!

Shree Venkatram said...

IHM and shail,
What you both say is so true. The whole argument of victims "provoking" the rapist is so abhorent. I wonder if people who speak in this fashion ever think why children and babies get raped. "Honour" is another of those horror words as far as women are concerned. In the name of honour they have to undergo further torture. What should we do to change things?

shail said...

What should we do to change things?? Now that's a question.
Education, awareness, help and support (from law and police as well) to those when needed when trapped in this 'honor' well, changes in the way boys (not just girls) are brought up...
I guess these are just a few very few things from what should actually be done and that too simultaneously, sort of multi-pronged effort.

I know its a tough task to change the mind set of people. Having grown up as one among 3 children, I find the same situations have molded me to think different from my siblings. So education and exposure may not get the same results always.

Well, I am not an expert anyways, just babbling what came to mind :)

SV said...

Good suggestions Shail. I liked the word you used - 'babbling'- The first step towards coherent expression. And expression is the first step towards action. We are on the right path!

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