Saturday, 31 December 2011

Some questions for Andhra top cop - Dinesh Reddy

A factor behind the increasing number of rape cases is that women dress provocatively.
This is a considered view of one of India's top cops, the Director General of  Police, Andhra Pradesh, V Dinesh Reddy. He also thinks the salwar kameez is a provoking dress!

What does he want us to do? Cover ourselves with a chadar and lock outrselves at home - Taliban style?

And Mr Dinesh Reddy,  tell us why are children and babies raped? And elderly women? And women in burkhas? Why is there incest?

Kudos to home minister,  P Chidambaram for taking objection to the remark. He is reported to have strongly disagreed with the statement. To read a full report click here.

Now, how do we educate men like Reddy?

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Anonymous said...

Yes I was relieved that P Chidambaram didn't agree with him. And all this 'food gives josh' and sexual crimes are 'being naughty' sounds so ignorant and irresponsible coming from someone who is supposed to protect citizen's civil rights. What about custodial rapes? Next they will claim women should wear burka before they enter a police station to report a sexual crime. I wish such statements could be used to prove their incompetence - how is he going to work efficiently when he doesn't even understand crimes against ateaslt 50% of the population?

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