Monday, 27 February 2012

Justice dispensers - who will make them see sense?

An insane verdict on rape by a judge, this time from UK. He thinks it is okay to rape an 11 year old because she looks 14. And says she was willing! How can a child be willing to be raped?

This is as bad as our cop thinking women invite rape by wearing a salwar kameez! And judges reducing jail terms on grounds that the rapist is married, or has a daughter. And this great Indian judge who decided to commute a sentence on the ground that it was okay  for the man to rape a baby, yes you read it right, a BABY, because he lost control for he was staying away from home. (Read instead, he could not control himself as he was away from his wife to satisfy his biological need so our dispenser of justice felt the man could be excused for pouncing on the baby and  badly injuring her.

Why can't the crime be viewed as it should be --a violent assault on a human being that scars him or her for life? When will these great justice dispensers learn to serve justice in a fair manner?

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