Thursday, 10 May 2012

One terrible story that ended well

This morning I read about a father and an uncle trying to bury a little sick girl alive because they wanted a male child. A tantric had told them if they did that, the father would get a healthy male child. It never fails to amaze me  what Indians can do, even kill their girls, in their quest for a son. This severe attachment to the son manifests itself often in exercising more control over him, over his wife, keeping the couple under scrutiny lest the son is led 'wayward' by the daughter-in-law and hence out of their control. Being a son in India has tremendous advantages,  but I am sure it comes with a lot of baggage. That is one reason why many Indian men never grow up. They remain mama's boys forever! But that is matter for another post.

Talking about killing your own baby girl. Here is another heart rending story of a girl whose father tried to kill her. But she survived, thanks to her maternal grandparents. And today she is working for the cause of women in rural Maharashtra. The terrible story has a happy ending. Thank God that there are some humans among us!

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